This workshop provides an opportunity to share and discuss frontier researches on bio-inspired innovations by micro-nanorobotics and systems. The biological systems are composed by fine structures in multi-scale from micro-nano sizes. The bio-inspired systems are able to achieve more innovations on goptimal designsh, genergy efficienth, glow-energy consumptionh, ghighly integrationh by micro-nano robotics and systems.

Recent progresses in measurement/manipulation/assembly techniques of biological structures and cells are readily applied to realize hybridization between mechanical and biological systems. This novel research field is important to create the innovations for various academic and industrial applications. The micro-nanorobotics is a key technology on the manipulation and control in micro-nano scale. The artificial integration of dry and wet systems is important issue for the bio-inspired innovations.

In this workshop, we invite the pioneer researchers related on the MEMS/NEMS, Micro-Nano-robotics manipulation/assembly, Bio-inspired systems, and bio-mimic systems. The presenters are including the IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) committees working on micro-nanorobotics as an activity of this society. The topics are including Micro-Nano Material Science, Micro-Nano Manipulation, Micro-Nano Automation, Micro-Nano Fabrication, Micro-Nano Assembly, Micro-Nano Biological Devices, Micro-Nano Medical Devices, Micro-Nano Control Technology, Micro-Nano Robotics, MEMS/NEMS Technology, and Micro-Nano Fluidics Technology.